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About Us

Our History



Approved opens & begins servicing NYC


Approved begins servicing Long Island


Approved begins servicing Connecticut


Approved begins servicing New Jersey


Approved licenses the first Regulated Medical Waste Transfer Station in Westchester County


Approved licenses its first 3,000,000 lb per month Regulated Medical Waste disposal facility


Approved North East begins service in RI, MA, NH & VT


Approved North East begins servicing Maine


Approved purchases Waste Management Healthcare Solutions NY & NJ


Approved North East licenses Regulated Medical Waste Transfer Station in Rhode Island


Approved licenses the first Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Facility in Connecticut


Approved Mid Atlantic begins service in PA, MD, DE & DC


Approved North East Acquires New England Medical Waste, Inc Located in Rhode Island


Approved Acquires BioSmart, Inc. Located in Long Island, NY


Approved installs a Roto-clave treatment unit in Bridgeport, CT facility allowing non-incineration treatment of pathological waste


Approved converts to 100% solar energy at its Bridgeport, CT Facility.


Approved acquires All-care Waste of New England, Inc.


Approved acquires NJ-based J&J Medical Waste.


Approved acquires Long Island-based Medical Waste Solutions, Inc (MWS)


Approved converts to 100% solar energy at its Lincoln, RI Facility.

Our Mission
Expert Advice
Expert Advice
Personal Attention
Personal Attention
Premium Service
Premium Service
Environmental Stewardship
Environmental Stewardship
At Approved we are committed to our customers and the regions we serve, from creating local jobs in communities that will benefit from them the most to utilizing environmentally sustainable treatment technologies. Since the beginning, a cornerstone of our organization has always been to create a "pathway to success" for all of our employees through training and promoting from within. Rewarding hard work while providing the real world and practical experience necessary to make a profitable lifelong career with our company. For our clients our goal is to be a valued partner, a company you can count on for expert advice, personal attention, premium service and responsible environmental stewardship.

Our Vision

Through constant reinvestment in our personnel, facilities, equipment and infrastructure since 1996, Approved has become the strongest independent Medical Waste Management provider in the Northeast. Today through constant innovation, strong personal customer service and tremendous value, our goal is to become the dominant force in Healthcare Waste Management throughout the region and beyond.


Our Commitment to the Environment

At Approved our #1 priority is providing environmentally responsible management of all your regulated waste. This means utilizing sustainable waste management methods and technologies. To that end, we take the treatment of your medical waste a few steps further than most.

Approved Waste Management Facility
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First, we have implemented clean renewable solar energy at each of our treatment facilities. Our newest facility is 100% self-sustaining in addition to producing enough electricity to contribute to the public grid. Approved is doing its part to reduce our footprint on the global environment. We believe that clean, renewable, and sustainable energy is a critical part of a better tomorrow.

Approved Waste Management Facility
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Next, we operate multiple state-of-the-art treatment facilities utilizing high temperature Autoclave and Roto-clave waste treatment systems. These systems produce no harmful air emissions, compliant with all Federal EPA standards. They are the most environmentally friendly means of medical waste treatment available today.

Waste Container
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Here is the extra step in our cradle to grave process. Where most medical waste companies send their treated medical waste directly to a landfill, at Approved we send all our treated medical waste to a "waste-to-energy" incinerator for final destruction.

This extra step is not necessary, but it is the best management practice available today. Your waste will never reach a landfill. Instead it will provide clean electric energy to neighboring communities. Reducing your impact on our environment.

Waste Container
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Reducing or minimizing the amount of waste generated by any facility is the best way to manage and mitigate any negative impact on our environment.

Therefore, at Approved, we employ reusable sharps systems and reusable bulk containers whenever possible. This reduces or eliminates all disposable sharps container waste along with cardboard waste. Significantly reducing or minimizing the amount of medical waste generated by the healthcare facility.

Recycling Machine
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In addition to recycling 100% of the cardboard and Universal waste we collect. At Approved we operate Vecoplan Shredders at each of our facilities. These machines easily reduce sterilized sharps waste down into scrap so it can safely be recycled into raw materials and utilized in manufacturing Industrial products.

Client Consultation
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Finally, we work closely with our clients to learn their specific needs. Provide instruction on proper waste management and implement a program that promotes best management practices for their business. Ensuring cradle to grave environmental stewardship.

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Mt Vernon Location
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110 Edison Ave. Mt. Vernon, NY 10550

In the heart of Westchester County NY. This was the company’s first permitted waste management facility and today serves as our Headquarters. In 2006 the facility was initially permitted as a transfer station but due to tremendous growth in the years that followed, it was converted into a fully licensed 3,000,000 lbs per month medical waste treatment facility in 2009. With its proximity to NYC, this location has helped make Approved NYC’s #1 independent medical waste management company. Providing over 75 local jobs in Mt. Vernon, and many to those in great need of a second chance.

RI Location
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65 Industrial Circle Lincoln, RI 02865

This completely renovated 30,000sq ft building in Lincoln RI is the largest facility in the Approved family to date. Perfectly situated between Boston and Providence for easy service to either metropolitan area. Currently permitted as a medical waste transfer facility, however this facility has a pre-approved permit modification in place for when the time comes to begin processing waste on site.

Bridgeport Location
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750 South Ave. Bridgeport, CT 06604

Our Bridgeport location is Connecticut’s first and only medical waste treatment facility. This state-of-the-art, 25,000 sq. ft medical waste treatment facility boasts two Autoclaves and a high temperature Roto-clave for processing Pathological waste on-site. Opened in 2018, the facility has brought nearly 30 full time jobs to the City of Bridgeport. All while providing a critical and valuable service to the businesses of Connecticut.

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65 Cabot Street West Babylon, NY 11704
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New facilities coming soon!

New Long Island, NY transfer station opening fall 2020
New incineration facility coming 2023

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have any minimum service requirements?

On-demand customers utilize our services as required without a minimum. Automatic clients can adjust their schedule at any time.  

However, under certain circumstances, if the quoted price was based on a specific volume of waste and that volume consistently falls short, then stop minimum may apply. (e.g. quoted price based on 25 boxes per month and client averages 5 boxes per month).

Do you have recurring monthly surcharges or additional fees?


What can go in your medical waste box?

Locked sharps containers and any items contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials. Some common items are pads, tubing, gloves, dressings, disposable instruments, etc.

Where does my waste go when it leaves my facility?

Waste is transported directly from your facility to one of our company-owned and operated licensed treatment facilities. With Approved, there is no subcontracting, so waste goes from your facility to ours for same-day processing.

How is medical waste treated?

The answer to this question depends on the type of waste. Regulated medical waste is treated by high heat auto-clave sterilization. At Approved, we take our process a step further – after treatment, we send 100% of our waste to an incinerator for final destruction. This ensures that your waste will never reach a landfill.

Chemotherapeutic waste – This waste type is generated during the administration of Chemotherapeutic medications to cancer patients and must be treated by means of incineration. 
Pathological waste – Medical waste containing human or animal tissue must be treated by means of incineration.

Do you have a contract?

We have a basic service agreement that covers common business liability requirements for both parties, but it contains no fixed recurring charges. We charge only upfront unit pricing with no hidden fees of any kind.

What is the turnaround time for on-demand services?

Typically, we have a 3 day turn around. However, depending on the region, it can take up to one week (5 business days).

Do I get waste shipping documentation or a manifest?

Our drivers carry handheld devices- at the time of service you will sign one of our electronic devices, quite like FedEx or UPS. Upon signing, a copy is immediately emailed to the account manager on record.

How is billing done?

Billing is done on a monthly basis as required. If you do not have a service, you will not receive a bill.

How can I pay my invoice?

You can send a check, certified check, or money order by mail. You can also pay by credit card online or over the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Can I buy reusable sharps containers?

No. Reusable containers are supplied as part of a reusable sharps service package. We install, service, and maintain all the required containers.

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