Reusable Sharps Management

In line with our commitment to the environment, Approved proudly offers a comprehensive, full-service reusable sharps platform to our Acute Care customers. Utilizing the Rehrig Reusable System (the industry’s best reusable sharps container system) and providing optimal security, functionality, and compliance, this platform is sure to meet your needs.

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Our Reusable Sharps Management Process

At Approved we are proud to offer the Rehrig Pacific Company’s line of reusable containers. The industries safest, most reliable, and complaint sharps and medical waste containers. With a variety to choose from, we have a solution to fit every need. While reusable sharps are traditionally utilized in acute care settings, our reusable containers are available to all of our interested clients.

We offer two options for reusable sharps service, Dockside, and Full-service.

With Dockside, your internal Environmental staff collects and changes out all of the containers throughout the facility. The containers are then delivered by hospital staff to an Approved truck and driver at the loading dock or similar location on a predetermined schedule.

If you choose our full-service option, at the time of your desired service schedule, our technicians will go room to room through your facility collecting & replacing your filled sharps containers with clean and sanitized replacements. Approved staff will transport all sharps to the central collection area where we can be prepared for transport to our processing facility.

Your facility’s sharps waste can be treated, ground down, and sent to a recycling facility where the various components (polypropylene, polyethylene, and stainless steel) will be separated and reused to create Medical & Industrial products. This ensures that the materials in these products will not go to waste and will be able to have a beneficial second life.

A reusable system is not only the best choice for your facility economically, but for the environment as well.

Approved’s Line of Reusable Sharps Containers

Featured Benefits

  • Puncture resistant to prevent needle sticks
  • Interchangeable nesting and stacking for efficient transport
  • Semi-transparent body or sub-lid for monitoring waste safely to maximum fill line
  • Standing containers feature multiple lids openings for restricted or unrestricted access for use
  • Anti-microbial additives inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Smooth interiors for ease of cleaning
  • Reinforced handles for safe carrying
  • Foot pedal operated and wheeled dollies are available
  • Unique bar code for management and cycle tracking
  • FDA 510(K) Cleared for 300 cycles
  • Meets and exceeds US and International standards for sharps containers.

10-Gallon Standing Sharps Container

Model 10G 02
Model 10G 02

17-Gallon Standing Sharps Container

Model 17G 02
Model 17G 02

31-Gallon Medical Waste Tote

Model 30G 01
Model 30G 01

43-Gallon Medical Waste Tote

Model 42G 04
Model 42G 04

2-Gallon Wall-Mounted Sharps With Horizontal Entry

Model SS Insert 1-02
Model SS Insert 1-02

4-Gallon Wall-Mounted Sharps With Horizontal Entry

Model SS Insert 2-01
Model SS Insert 2-01
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have any minimum service requirements?

On-demand customers utilize our services as required without a minimum. Automatic clients can adjust their schedule at any time.  

However, under certain circumstances, if the quoted price was based on a specific volume of waste and that volume consistently falls short, then stop minimum may apply. (e.g. quoted price based on 25 boxes per month and client averages 5 boxes per month).

Do you have recurring monthly surcharges or additional fees?


What can go in your medical waste box?

Locked sharps containers and any items contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials. Some common items are pads, tubing, gloves, dressings, disposable instruments, etc.

What size is your waste box?

4.5 Cu. Ft. (18x18x24”)
7.0 Cu. Ft.

Where does my waste go when it leaves my facility?

Waste is transported directly from your facility to one of our company-owned and operated licensed treatment facilities. With Approved, there is no subcontracting, so waste goes from your facility to ours for same-day processing.

Can I buy reusable sharps containers?

No. Reusable containers are supplied as part of a reusable sharps service package. We install, service, and maintain all the required containers.

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Expert Advice
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Personal Attention
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Premium Service
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Environmental Stewardship
At Approved we are committed to our customers and the regions we serve, from creating local jobs in communities that will benefit from them the most to utilizing environmentally sustainable treatment technologies. Since the beginning, a cornerstone of our organization has always been to create a "pathway to success" for all of our employees through training and promoting from within. Rewarding hard work while providing the real world and practical experience necessary to make a profitable lifelong career with our company. For our clients our goal is to be a valued partner, a company you can count on for expert advice, personal attention, premium service and responsible environmental stewardship.