The generation of Medical Waste is unavoidable in the Health Care industry.  Environmentally Responsible management of Regulated Medical Waste is the cornerstone of our organization.  To this end, we offer a variety of sustainable business solutions to help your organization reduce its carbon footprint.

Sharps Management

  • Reusable Containers:  Approved offers a comprehensive full service reusable sharp platform.  Our technicians will go room to room through your facility collecting & replacing your filled sharp containers with clean sanitized empty ones.
  • Recycled Sharps Waste: Your facility’s sharps waste can be treated, grinded & sent to a recycling facility where the various components (polypropylene, polyethylene, stainless) will be separated & reused to create medical & industrial products.

By adopting both of these programs, your hospitals sharp waste stream will never enter a landfill!

Waste To Energy

Autoclaving is the most environmentally responsible process for treating Regulated Medical Waste.  When it comes to handling Treated RMW, there are only two options, landfill & incineration.  At Approved, we work with local waste to energy facilities to use treated RMW as fuel in the generation of electricity.  The final product is ash, reducing your facility’s liability to zero.

Our Internal Commitment to sustainability shows how we lead by example.

  • CORRUGATED CARDBOARD RECYCLING: We recycle over one ton of cardboard per week.
  • PLASTIC RECYCLING: We recycle over one ton of stretch & blue wrap per month.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT LED LIGHTING: In an ongoing effort to reduce our carbon footprint, highly efficient LED fixtures have been installed throughout our facilities.
  • REUSABLE CONTAINERS: The containers used to transport grinded plastics for recycling are reused, making our sharps waste recycling program a zero waste initiative!
  • WASTE OIL RECYCLING: Waste oil generated from our fleet maintenance is used to heat our warehouse facilities.

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