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At Approved, our top priority is providing the most environmentally responsible management of all your regulated waste utilizing sustainable waste management technologies. To that end, we take the treatment of your medical waste a step further than most.

  • We operate multiple state-of-the-art treatment facilities.
  • Waste is treated utilizing zero-emission high heat Autoclave and Roto-clave waste treatment systems.
  • No chemicals are used in our medical waste treatment process.


Next is where our extra step comes in.

While most medical waste companies send their treated medical waste directly to a landfill, at Approved, we send all treated medical waste to a waste-to-energy incinerator for final destruction. The process diverts 2 metric tons of CO2 equivalent for every ton processed and provide electric energy to the community.

Your waste will never reach a landfill.

Reusable Containers

Minimizing the amount of waste generated by any facility is the first step in managing our negative impact on the environment.

Approved’s reusable sharps systems and reusable bulk containers significantly reduce disposable plastic waste along with your facility’s Carbon Footprint.

For every ton of Single-use containers utilized, 5- tons of CO2 equivalent emissions are produced.

For every ton of Reusable containers utilized, only 1 ton of CO2 equivalent emissions is produced.

Cardboard Recycling

Approved recycles millions of tons of Cardboard each year for a good reason. It can make a very significant impact on your carbon footprint. The process of recycling cardboard diverts over 3 tons of CO2 equivalent for each ton recycled.

Plastic Recycling

Approved can recycle plastic and metal from sharps waste through a strategic relationship with an industrial recycler. We operate Vecoplan Shredders at each of our facilities. These machines are designed to easily reduce sterilized sharps waste into scrap that can be safely recycled into raw materials. Processed plastic will go on to use in various manufacturing industries.

Electronic Waste Recycling

The world generates approximately 50 million tons of electronic waste each year.

Recycling these materials will significantly impact the ever-growing amount of E-waste that must be managed sustainably.

Recycling can reduce CO2 output by as much as 65%.

Renewable Energy

Approved is committed to the long-term sustainably of our environment.

As an industry leader, it is our obligation to contribute to a greener world. In line with that commitment, installing a Thermal Loop solar system at each facility is underway.

The facilities pictured here are now up to 90% self-sufficient and can fulfill their electrical power demands with clean, renewable solar energy.

The Thermal Loop System eliminates 118 Metric tons of CO2 equivalent per year at each facility.