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COVID-19 Response

During this critical time Approved recognizes the importance of our role in the management of this global crisis. Hospitals are generating waste in record quantities and we are here to respond 24/7. We have taken several steps and implemented new protocols to aid in protecting the safety and well being of our employees and clients.

Until Further Notice

Each staff member’s temperature will be taken upon arrival to work each day, if they show a fever, they are sent home to self-quarantine until a doctor can clear them to return to work. 

We have taken the time to properly educate our staff on the facts behind the COVID-19 Virus and the best measures they can take to protect themselves. 

We have reinforced the importance of PPE and how to utilize it. Function specific PPE is provided and mandatory in all treatment areas.  Proper usage is carefully monitored by management.

Both daily and weekly safety meetings are held to reinforce policy and procedures.

Drivers, field technicians, and facility operators are equipped with proper PPE, hand sanitizer and spray bottles of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to decontaminate their vehicles and equipment. (machines, tools, carts, handheld devices, etc)

Dedicated staff members have been assigned to constantly decontaminate our facilities throughout the day utilizing germicidal disinfectants.  

The front office staff are also equipped with hand sanitizer and spray bottles of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Handrails, computers, appliances, restrooms, etc.. are decontaminated multiple times per day. 

Corrugated Medical waste boxes suspected of containing COVID-19 virus waste will be treated in their entirety for the safety of our personnel.

As always reusable medical waste totes and containers are cleaned and sanitized utilizing a germicidal disinfectant and rested to dry between each turn.


We are asking clients who suspect their waste may be contaminated with COVID-19 virus to mark the top of their waste boxes with a large red letter C or with the term COVID in large text to assist our staff in mitigating some risk of exposure.

 *However, we recognize this may not be possible in some instances and all waste will still be accepted. 

  • Please seal your boxes or containers ahead of time in preparation for transportation and destruction.
  • Please package all unpackaged waste.  If you don’t have waste boxes, we will provide them but we ask that a facility staff member package it before our driver takes it.