No worries! Look below for answers to common questions about medical waste and removal. If you don’t see an answer, please E-Mail Us or Call Us Toll-Free at 1-888-388-2525.

The generator is responsible for properly packaging and labeling Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)for off site transport. Untreated RMW must be placed in impermeable red plastic bags labeled with the universal warning sign or the word “biohazard”. Each bag must be placed in the boxes or reusable containers we provide before off-site transport. The containers must be labeled with the generators name and address.

Sharp containers must be sealed when 3/4 full and placed in a red bag and then the box or reusable container we provide. The secondary container must have the generators name and address displayed on it.

Medical waste manifests, or tracking forms must be kept at the generator location for three years in NY, NJ & CT.

RMW must be kept separate from other wastes in an area designated and clearly labeled with the universal warning sign or the word “biohazard”. The storage area must be ventilated, dry and free from vectors. It should be located to minimize exposure to the public and accessible only to authorized personnel.

No. These wastes are considered hazardous wastes and are not to be comingled with RMW. Approved is licensed to handle these waste streams as well.

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